How to protect your daycare or preschool from COVID-19

How to protect your daycare or preschool from COVID-19

With the 2020-2021 school year now underway, many childcare organizations are scrambling to find a way to screen for COVID-19. Many states, including Washington, have released strict guidelines to ensure accurate reporting for the disease.

Many preschools and daycares have rushed to implement a paper-based survey system in order to correctly screen and ensure that they are following the law. The problem with these systems is they may actually contribute to the spread of disease through contact with the paper.

There are few contact-free COVID-19 surveys out there, and fewer still that follow Washington State’s specific guidelines. Here at Vandromeda, we have a solution.

Introducing MaxQ, a fast, easy, and contact-free method to survey parents and guardians regarding their child. Available now, daycares and preschools can adopt MaxQ to handle all COVID-19 requirements for Washington State. For organizations outside of Washington, Vandromeda can modify the app to fit your exact needs.

How does it work?

  1. At drop-off, parents scan a QR code using their smartphone
  2. They answer 13 easy yes-or-no questions about their child, which takes on average about 30 seconds, and then they sign affirming that the answers are correct.
  3. If the child is clear, then they are admitted.
  4. The results are safely stored in MaxQ’s database for recordkeeping.
  5. At pick-up, parents scan another QR-code to check out, and they are good to go!

MaxQ has already been successfully adopted by Adventures in Learning Preschool, LLC, and it’s ready for you!

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