About Us

Vandromeda is a limited liability company in Olympia, Washington, serving the Pacific Northwest. It is owned and operated by Kevin Alexander VanDriel and his wife, DeLynn Joy VanDriel. We believe in helping neighbors. The help we can provide is in the area of computer and information technology. Kevin has been programming since age 13, and DeLynn has been tinkering with computers since age 16.


The name Vandromeda was chosen because Andromeda is the nearest visible galactic neighbor to The Milky Way, and both are always in motion. The Dutch heritage of the surname “van Driel”, now Americanized into “VanDriel”, lends itself to the personal touch of the brand and the mission tied to the skillsets of Kevin and DeLynn. It’s the vast but visible gulf between problem and solution in the information technology field that both of us aim to solve.

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