Creating Custom Tech Solutions For Your Business

We offer a gigantic list of custom solutions for data and automation. No matter what your business is, we can work with your data and processes to make everything faster and easier. We can create scripted solutions to automate processes you’ve been doing by hand. We can move servers. We can create an automated budget for your project. We can translate data between coding languages.

If something is broken, we can fix it. Did a spreadsheet you’ve been using for years suddenly stop working? Did one of your links break? Did something happen to your company’s shared drive? We’ve got you covered. We can troubleshoot and fix just about any issue in the wide world of data, and get your business moving again.

Let’s talk about how we can improve your business, starting today. We will:

  • Actively listen to your problem.
  • Paraphrase the issue to show that we can own it.
  • Give you a shortlist of solutions to choose from.
  • Provide a detailed quote and answer any questions you have about it.
  • Get your approval and start the work, using agile project management principles the whole way.

We will create scripted solutions to automate what takes you a long time. Whether it’s a macro, a Visual Basic Script, a batch file, a scheduled stored procedure, or something more complicated, we’ll help. We will look to reconnect that lost link. We’ll make that data move. Ultimately, we will look for ways to make that improvement in your business.

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